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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

MediCircle accepts medication from all 50 states! Donate now.
Please leave the pharmacy label on your donation. Your label contains important information that is used in our quality assurance process, and we are required to check it. Don't worry 一 our pharmacists will remove all patient information before the medication is redispensed.
MediCircle is unable to offer financial compensation for medication donations due to legal constraints. It is against the law to purchase or provide compensation to donors for their unused medications.
Unfortunately, according to the IRS, donated medications typically may not be claimed as a tax deduction. We recommend speaking with a tax expert to see if your donation is eligible.
Donating your medications to MediCircle is completely free. Just complete our simple form, and we will ship you a pre-paid Donation Kit.
Once your medication has been matched to a patient, a MediCircle team member will contact you to let you know.

How It Works

Your Donation Kit is shipped overnight to our pharmacy. When we receive your medication, our dedicated team of pharmacists will perform our comprehensive, proprietary recertification process. We remove all of your personal information during this process. Once it passes through our quality assurance process, your medication is moved to our main inventory and is now ready to be matched to a new home. Your medication is delivered to a financially eligible patient, completely for free. Learn more.
Yes! Pharmaceutical redispensing is legal in 43 states and counting. The NABP, AMA, ASCO, and ACS have all released statements in support of pharmaceutical donation programs. To date, over $300mm of unused medication has been safely dispensed to patients in need.

MediCircle is licensed as a Class A Community Pharmacy by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (License #34472), and is a registered Participating Provider in the Texas Prescription Drug Donation Program run by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
MediCircle’s patented recertification process goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure our medications are of the highest quality. First, our pharmacists visually inspect every pill. Then our software creates a comprehensive profile of the medication’s history. Finally, we will send a sample of our medication to undergo chemical testing to ensure its effectiveness.
To operate our program and ensure the medications we provide are always free for patients, MediCircle charges health plans and other health payers service fees. The health plans save on prescription costs, and we get to fulfill our mission of helping patients get affordable medication: it’s a win-win. MediCircle does not resell medication.

Medication Donation Eligibility



Medications sealed in the original packaging


Blister packs, both full and partially used


Sealed bottles, inhalers, injectables, and liquid medicines



Controlled substances or narcotics


Medications in orange pharmacy vials


Refrigerated medications


Expired medications

Still wondering if your medication is eligible? Contact us.

MediCircle cannot accept controlled substances or narcotics (like opioids) under any circumstance. If you have unused controlled substances, please ensure they are properly disposed of by taking them to your local police station or fire department.
MediCircle cannot accept expired medications. While we appreciate your generosity, we want to ensure that every donation positively impacts the lives of those in need. Patients’ safety is our top priority 一 we never compromise on the quality of our prescriptions.
MediCircle cannot accept medical equipment. However, many states have local organizations dedicated to donating medical equipment to other countries. We encourage you to explore and support one of these organizations within your community. If you need assistance finding a group, we are more than happy to help guide you in the right direction.
Unfortunately, MediCircle is unable to accept donations of medications from other countries.

Receiving Medications

MediCircle prioritizes patients who benefit the most from financial assistance. We dispense our medications to patients who have a gap in coverage, whose healthcare costs are too high, who don’t have insurance, or who fall under 600% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Currently, patients must go through one of our partner entities.

Teaming Up With MediCircle

Empowering your patients is easy with our free Donation Awareness Kits. We’ll send you educational cards that inform your patients how to donate their unused medications. All you have to do is hand out our cards. Contact us to order your free Donation Awareness Kit.
Donation Awareness Kit
Connecting your financially eligible patients with free medication and driving down your prescription drug spending is easy with MediCircle. Contact us to learn more.

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